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Letitia A'Court (1778 - 1810)

Individual Report for Letitia A'Court. FTM Individual Report for Letitia A'Court Eliot
Sex: Female [1]
Father: William Pierce Ashe A'Court
Mother: Letitia Wyndham

Individual Facts:
Birth: 09 Aug 1778 in Salisbury, Wiltshire [2]
Baptism: 25 Sep 1778 in Salisbury, Wiltshire
Death: 20 Jan 1810 in Her Home, Cleveland-Court, St. James's, London[3]
Burial: 01 Feb 1810 in St. Peter and St. Paul's, Heytesbury, Wiltshire [4]

Spouse: William Eliot
Marriage: 07 Feb 1809 in Heytesbury, Wiltshire [5]

Baby Twins Eliot

Person Notes:
— "Salisbury and Winchester Journal" Monday, 05 Feb 1810, page 4:
On Saturday the 20th ult. died, in Cleveland-court, St. James's, deeply lamented, the Hon. Mrs. Eliot, wife of the Hon. William Eliot, and eldest daughter of Sir William a'Court, Bart.; and on Thursday last her remains were depositied in the family vault at Heytesbury.

— Obituary in "Exeter Flying Post", Thursday, 08 Feb 1810, page 4:
Lately died, at her husband's house, in Cleveland-Court, St. James's, London, the Hon. Mrs. William Elliot, the wife of the Hon. William Elliot, only brother of Lord Eliot, and daughter of Sir William A'Court, of Heytesbury, in Wiltshire, baronet. Her loss is most sincerely felt, not only by her own family, but that of her husband's also, to every part of which her most valuable qualities and excellent conduct had endeared her.

— "The Gentleman's Magazine" 1810, Volume 107, page 183:
[Jan. 1810] 20. In giving brith to twin children, and at the early age of 31, the Hon. Mrs. Eliot, wife of the Hon. William Eliot, M.P. for Liskeard, in Cornwall, and eldest daughter of Sir William P.A. a'Court, Baronet, of Heytesbury-house, co. Wilts. To the amianle virtue of her life and manners it would not be easy to do justice by any brief description. To all who knew her, indeed, this would be superfluous; as they must be warmly impressed, not merely on their memories, but on their hearts. Here they saw no deceptive art; no lure for applause; no wiles to obtain popularity; no self-complacent vanities, that make large claims for little pretensions; nor did they here see all the courtesies of life confined to common-place civility; or even to the observance of the mere routine of more refined politeness; but an ardour of benevolence, that ever looked beyond self; that gave a life and soul to every word and act; an infinite grace and sweetness to her every movement; for it was not that mere good humour which flows from an exuberance of spirits, undistinguishing and indiscriminate; but was ever attended with that delicate and intuitive sense of propriety, which scarcely could err, that actuated her in every relative situation; that made the daughter, the sister, the wife, the mother, the friend, admirable and excellent in all:--- that, in a word, gave her such an attractiveness, that in her elegant mien and form Benevolence herself might seem to be personified. As her demeanour in society was ever unaffected and unassuming; so, with the same uniform consistency, her piety, however deeply-seated , was unobtrusive; her charity, however attentive, unostentation. The death of this very amiable woman inflicts a loss on her family that seems irreparable. But the disposals of Infinite Wisdom preclude every repining thought; and awfully claim our most implicit acquiescence. Her example, however, we believe, will not soon be forgotten; and will, we trust, be often the subject of imitation. Happy for the world were it more general. Such gentler virtues, though in "the noiseless tenour of their way" they may have little of that splendour which attracts the giddy throng; yet, with all our imperfections, they are felt to be indeed the delight and best ornament of the present scene; and "their final reward," we humbly hope, is with the Most High!

— Memorial in family pew, Heytesbury Church:
Sacred to the memory of the Honourable Laetitia Eliot, eldest daughter of Sir William Pierce Ashe à Court Baronet. She died in her first childbed of twins, born dead, on the 20th January 1810, aged 31.

Let those who mourn in proportion as they once revered and loved her. Let those whose distresses have been relieved by her benevolence or soothed by her gentleness pay the best tribute to her memory by allowing her mild example of influence on their hearts and lives; Let those sometimes look at this memorial and contemplate the benefit to be derived from a lively recollection of her piety and charity in the season of prosperity and ease and of her meekness and resignation when the Almighty changed the manner of her trial and stretched her on the bed of suffering pain and death.

Relationship Notes:
— Found holding at Wiltshire and Swindon Archives on A2A:
101/173/3 7 Feb 1809
Contents: Marriage settlement made on the marriage of William Eliot and Latitia A'Court. — Received an e-Mail (dated 04 Mar 2013):
I have a quick look at the lengthy deed and it appears that the sum of £1000 and a sixth share in £2500 in 3% reduced bank annuities was to be settled on any children of the marriage.
The Hon. Mrs. William Eliot (Letitia A'Court) Courtesy of Eastnor Castle S. Hobbs FSA (Archivist, Wiltshire Council)

— Faculty Office Marriage Licences Transcription
Licence year 1809
Licence date 26 Jan 1809
New calender date 26 Jan 1809
Bride's first name(s) Letitia
Bride's last name A'COURT
Groom's first name(s) William
Groom's last name ELIOT

Small Silhouette — Eastnor Castle

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