Port Eliot Red Book — Designs for Lord Eliot by Humphry Repton (1792-3)

Port Eliot Red Book: Introduction

My Lord,
In the following remarks on the scenery of Port Eliot, I do not assume to myself much merit in suggesting hints for its improvement. On the contrary, I must acknowledge that, in many cases, I have done little more than shewn the effect of realizing your Lordship's own ideas and intentions. Yet, as it will be difficult to separate the many objects proposed by your Lordship from the few which I have the honour to hint, I will take the liberty in the following pages to lay down one general plan of improvement (without further acknowledgment of the source from whence the ideas have originated). I must not, however, conclude without a tribute of justice to that judgment, taste, and persevering energy which have not only clothed the naked hills with flourishing plantations, removed mountains of earth and vast beds of rock, but even subdued and reduced within proper bounds, that more obstinately powerful Element, the Water of the neighbouring Ocean, converting into a cheerful Lawn what was occasionally a bed of Ouse.

I have the honour to be, My Lord,
Your Lordship's most obedient, humble servant,

At Port Eliot, Cornwall Nov. 2nd 1792
At Hanstreet by Romford February 1793

For ease of reading, punctuation and capitalization have been modernized.