Frances and Jane Coster of Eastbourne

1884: Frances Coster to Her Niece, Florence Scott (Partial Letter)

N.B. This is part of a letter written in 1884 when Florence Mary Scott (later to be Richard Clark Stilwell's wife) was 18 and written by her Aunt Frances Coster.
Signed: P. Stilwell

her Heavenly home, and which to welcome you all. If it is possible, and the will of God, we shall see you some day on earth. I should dearly like to see you again. You were my first Godchild and, now your dear Mother has gone, I would, if possible, have you look to me, as in a poor measure, taking some motherly interest in you. But no one can replace a Mother's love and care, can they, dear? I had thought sometimes of visiting you in your far distant home. You can have no remembrance of us, I am sure, as you were so little when you left. I think you will be nineteen next June, will you not? Your Uncle James is writing to your Father. I am sure he feels the loss very deeply, and you will do all in your power to cheer him. I should like to hear all about your sisters and brother, what they are doing, and how you get on together. Give my best love to them all and, if either of them will write to us, we should be very glad indeed to get letters from them.

I do not know whether your Grandfather is writing, as I am not living at Eastbourne, but it is better for you to address all letters to their house, and they will forward them to me wherever I am.

Your Aunt Jane is now staying in London, and I am not far from Eastbourne at present, for your grandparents are getting old, although, thank God they enjoy good health generally. Do you think you would get a book or anything I could send you by post?

Give my kind love to your Father, and tell him not to grieve but look to her Saviour for comfort in this his heavy trial, for there is no sorrow which He cannot share. Now, good bye, my dear Florrie. With love to you all from Grandparents, Aunt Jane, Uncles, and Myself.

I remain your affectionate Aunt,
Frances Coster

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