The Port Eliot Photo Album Collection, dating from the 1850s through the first half of the 20th century, comprises more than 40 albums and embellished scrapbooks filled with photos, clippings and paper ephemera. These albums were photographed/scanned by Liskeard Decorative & Fine Arts Society (LIDFAS) in cooperation with the Eliot family and have been reproduced on this website at the request of Peregrine, 10th Earl St. Germans.

Many people have been (and still are) involved with the digitization and identification of these photos, and albums will be regularly added to this website.

Just click on the album title below to see the photos in that particular Box/Album. Album descriptions include the following guides:
F = Family and Friends     P = Political or Diplomatic     HH = Historical Homes and Sites     M = Military     R = Royals   
H = Horses (Race & Stud)


    Albums Sorted by Port Eliot Box Initials

    Box A
    CDVs Dating 1865-1880 (F, P, HH)
    Box B Album A
    CDVs of Constance Eliot, 1864-86 (F)
    Box B Album B
    CDVs of Monty Guest and Siblings, 1860s (F)
    Box H
    Notman CDVs, Canada, 1862-4 (M, P, H, F)


    Click on Box Name to View Photos

    Box HH
    1906 Coming-of-Age/Silver Wedding Anniversary Celebration (F)